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Increasing the probability of success in innovation is a key challenge that even market leaders face all the time. This challenge is even bigger when it involves doing new things to expand business boundaries. While identifying a critical insight or finding a great idea is not a given, it is not necessarily the only key barrier to innovation. Other critical factors may include a complex mix of cultural boundaries, decision biases, and risk taking to learn quickly from success and failure. This is particularly true for organizations who do not have a good pedigree for doing new things because driving such a transformation is not likely to happen overnight.

To address these critical factors we go beyond improving the process by focusing on the People, the Process and the Environment to help organizations drive a more efficient innovation outcome and improved results. Our iterative approach provides a framework through which we work with innovation teams to deliver bolder innovation faster, leveraging five enabling elements. One of these elements utilizes our network of seasoned entrepreneurs to challenge internal assumptions and stimulate new ways of thinking.

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