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Our specialty is innovating and inventing new products that suits your businesses.

We reach the right businesses and customers for the right market and new clients and opportunities to the table.    

We focus on our resources to better meet the needs of our entrepreneurial and business communities.

We provide Consulting directly to businesses and entrepreneurs and we will bring new ideas, processes and

products to more effectively meet the needs of the new and existing clients that most require support. We

ensure that the resources invested result in measurable and more profitable outcomes and results. It’s essential

that entrepreneurs, and businesses receive the right forms of assistance at the right times to market. As

well, Inafis supports are delivered in the best possible way. Inafis Innovation Strategy will help co-ordinate

these critical factors. This will allow Clients to successfully take their innovations from idea to market.

Give Us A Try! You Got Nothing To Lose and Lots To Gain